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  1. Hi Kishan
    Would you please take a look at this ...

    The idea is to present lists of stocks showing their % Change from ‘specific dates to Today’ with their associated sparklines, sortable by any column. Right now data history for sparklines is static; it needs to update daily automatically with each day’s new data so the sparklines stay up to date.

    %Change data comes from column G (Today’s quote) and column E and column I (specific historical date).

    The current design sorts the table correctly only if the sparklines are deleted. When sorted with the sparklines in place the sparkline output is garbled. I think the sparkline data needs to be stored in Sheet2 but it’s beyond my ability to get it right.

    Then to make this work properly need to find a way to enlarge individual sparklines to about 7x4” for clarity. Hyde suggested ‘maximize/minimize buttons next to each sparkline separately to run scripts to change row height and column width as necessary’’

    Sparklines are a terrific way of presenting visual data in cells and work even better when they can be sorted in order with their associated numerical data.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks

  2. I love your code here Could you modify it perhaps to check for duplicates in the 'selected' range. This way I wouldn't have to change the code between duplicate searches.

    I can't believe Google (or Microsoft for that matter) hasn't made their own tool for such a common task.

  3. I am trying to use Google Forms to collect information. Based on the answers chosen, I want to calculate a score. Here is a link to the Form I created, and one to the scoring I want used (See the end.). How do I make this happen?

  4. Hi Kishan
    I have just found and used your very helpful info in :

    Many thanks for that but I have a question. The document does indeed open at the last modified cell but within that doc I have 22 sheets/pages so it opens at that cell on that sheet/page, which is great ( for example line 230 ) but the other 21 pages have all gone back up to line 1, which is very annoying, because although it autosaves info, it doesnt save the position of the pages. So, what I'm asking is : is there any tweak to the script you provided which would open ALL the pages in my doc instead of just 1 at their last position or is there a separate script that you know of which would do the job and save the pages where they are on closing.
    Hope this makes sense and thank you very much for any help you can give.
    Best regards
    Chris Bowman